Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snap10 - FAQs

——— Frequently Asked Questions ———

Can't find Snap10/Snap2Chat in BlackBerry World?

I am very sorry that you cannot download Snap10 anymore in BlackBerry World.
SnapChat told us to remove it and I cannot put it back anymore.
But I am still here and will not stop supporting my users. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Or if you prefer to install Snap10 BAR File please download the bar: 

Then follow this YouTube Video Tutorial on how to install BAR Files

Apply Filters? Fonts? Customizations? Replay? Notifications? Front Flash?

Customizations: Please tap the awesome Setting icon on the top right. Or swipe down from the top then tap Settings.
Filters and Fonts: Take a snap, then tap the Setting icon on top.

How to register?

My only solution for now is to borrow a friend’s iPhone or Android with SnapChat installed, or if they don’t have SnapChat installed, open their Google Play Store or App Store, search for SnapChat, download it, and register from there. After doing that you can login your information using Snap10. Please bear with us as we’re still working on an update.

Black Camera?

Please make sure you did accepted all permissions especially “Shared Files, Camera, Microphone”.
To re-enable permissions please go tohttp://goo.gl/xe0VNw and look for Snap10
If you’re on the Passport and having a black screen when recording a video, we’re still working on a fix.

App crashing / not opening?

We're very sorry for this issue, we’re still working on an update. But a workaround there is to reinstall the app or restart your phone.
To uninstall: tap and hold the Snap10 icon then tap the trash can icon. Or click this :http://goo.gl/VzPJGx then tap the menu on the bottom right and tap uninstall.

Doesn’t accept the password?

There are some issues for password that use special characters so what I can suggest is please change your password to a simpler one without special characters.
To change your password please click:https://support.snapchat.com/login2?next=%2Fpassword-change

How to start a Chat Conversation?

The current version doesn’t support chats. We’re doing our best to implement that feature.

Can't login? Wrong username or password?

If you're 100% sure your username and password is right, please try to reset your password to a simpler one https://support.snapchat.com/password-reset-request

Forgot your password?

Please click:https://support.snapchat.com/password-reset-request

Looking for Privacy Terms?

Please click:https://www.snapchat.com/privacy

Snaps sent are half black?

Please send only when the keyboard is not showing.

Thank you so much for using Snap10.

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Download Tinder Client - Dater - http://goo.gl/ieA9Kx

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  1. Why is there no chat between friends such as property Snapchat in the iPhone and Android

  2. I am new to snapping... Is there a tutorial for this app?

  3. Why the fuck i can't use emojis even with the pro version

  4. Is there a zoom function when taking snaps? If not, why isn't there one?

  5. I still have issues when recording videos. When I record I can only see the left half of the video and send it.

  6. Stories won't load!, been like this for a couple of days now since I've bought the app!, how long till I can see them please?

  7. This app is terrible. You say that the new update will be so great. How are we to believe you? When you "upgraded" from snap2chat it was supposed to be so amazing and it's not even close to mediocre. Camera and features do not work properly at all. Stories won't load ( I know this is a new problem) even sending snaps fails more often than not. It's ridiculous. Can't wait to see the awesome update in "3-6 days" oh and by the way LOVE the ugliest icon/opening screen ever.

  8. Nemory, just wondering, I've seen the 3.2 update in blackberry world but I was wondering if when I update will I get the standard version of 3.2? Is so when can pro users expect an email with the link for the V3.2 Pro

  9. Same question how to pro users update

  10. Stories doesn't work on pro version why!!!

  11. Hi nemory
    Can I get the refund link to re buy the app please ? I'm tired of the side loading. And I can't send a mail to the support cause they are forcing me to make the update

  12. Hi, please i've been trying to purchase the pro version but it keeps displaying "This purchase could not be completed. Please use a different payment method. (AW10000c). Please can you help out. Am using the credit card method (master card). Been on this for 2 days now.

  13. I followed all the instructions and snap10 still doesn't register my snap2chat account which I paid for what a waste of money and time

  14. خير حدثته بالفلوس ويقول باقي خير شسالفه سرقه عيني عينك -_-

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  16. Any news on a new version, would like to keep the list of received snaps, also integration with my contacts.

  17. Dear Nemory ,

    We have a new problem about not opening the snap video!!!

    Could you check please?

  18. Can I use my snapchat user account on this app?

  19. The stories are still not loading, is there an update to fix this or is there some work around to get it fixed??

  20. snap 10 not working anymore, not letting me log in

  21. DON'T LOG OUT! you can't log back in, i'm screwed now and can't use snap10 anymore ;(

    1. Did you get any fix for this, it's happened to me!

  22. Getting an update app to lately version error? Any fix on the way?

  23. I logged out and can't get back in! Is there any fix for this???

  24. I logged out and can't get back in! Is there any fix for this???

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  26. hi nemory, i just installed it on my bb z10 device. and then there is pop up message that say that i need to upgrade my device's os and update to the newest app version to use this snap 10. SNAP 10 version : V3.21.0.1 . Bb 10 os version : . please reply my comment, i will be very happy that you'll reply your customer's questions. thanks. God Bless YOU.

  27. Hi nemory i just installed snap10 on my blackberry and can't login anymore...why dont you keep programming on this app, a good working snap10 app would be awesome, sometimes on the passport it dont send snaps sometimes the notifaction are not comming in...thank you for the soon answer...fc_key

  28. Can't log in anymore! Even the apk doesn't work! Now i can't even snapchat at all!! D':

  29. Snap 10 is not working anymore, when y try to log in it tells me to update my OS or/and snap10, and ill be able to log in until they are update, but I already have the lastest OS. Please help!!

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  31. Please fix the free link, it is deleted.

  32. Why it says I should upgrade app or the app already stopped?

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