Monday, February 9, 2015

Response - Web Security Analysis Of 12 BlackBerry 10 Applications

First sorry for my very bad english and construction of this post.

I have no bad intentions to user data. I don’t and never store user passwords in any form online or offline. I do store cache for app use like images, logged in status, tokens, user ids (OFFLINE) because required and for better experience.

Snap2Chat in it’s very early stages, I used my own server without SSL / no https. After like 2 weeks Knobtviker (Dev of Whine) advised/helped me to just sniff the API and use it directly and so I did. No more using 3rd party servers. (This time it is very risky).

I use Flurry and Smaato SDKs as advertised by BlackBerry that BlackBerry Developers can use. Unfortunately I didn’t know they send http and not https. And if BlackBerry doesn’t want us to use http, they shouldn’t advertised to us Smaato and Flurry SDKS.

Smaato advertised by BlackBerry:

The SDK provided by BlackBerry has a parameter that we can set an interval , the default is 10 and I set it to 10. so it’s every 10 seconds it connects to the Smaato Service. in Snap10 that's why there are a lot of requests because Snap10 uses tabs, and all those tabs request each every 10 seconds. I have not fixed that yet. But there's nothing bad it's doing there, it doesn't even increase revenue.

I just followed everything they provided, from the WebCast Meeting, The Smaato Guys, The Smaato Ad Sample BlackBerry Provided in GitHub. And I cannot modify the Compiled Libraries to forcely use HTTPS because it's their own and there's no way. (same with Flurry Analytics)

Flurry advertised by BlackBerry: (NO SSL) - this is my own domain and it’s hosted on my own host. (this has been dead for like 6 months now) this was used for Snap2Chat and for FB Messenger for pulling Stiker Images, also used for my own web service the ShoutBox in Snap2Chat.

The ShoutBox I admit doesn’t use SSL or https and is very high risk of security. And that’s why I shut it down early. This screenshot by :

I built ShoutBox so that Snap2Chat users can find more friends. It's a public chat room for all users.

this part of the code is for creating a user in ShoutBox service. Profiles need some information and I chose to give it a age, biography, name, gender, username.  This is the PLAIN TEXT they’re talking about. 

EXTENDED PROFILE isn’t part of SnapChat Service (Snap2Chat Hardcore Early Adopters knows what this is. used for the ShoutBox) - It’s owned by Amazon. It’s used for storing pictures by some services (not my own services). I am not exactly sure in what app he got this because none of my apps connect  (not used for sending user data) (NO SSL) - it’s owned by Facebook. Also BlackBerry provided a Parse SDK. (used for pulling announcements, app status (not sending user data)) (NO SSL) - I am not familiar, but I think it’s related to smaato (not used for sending user data) (NO SSL) - this is my own blog for my apps. Not used for sending or receiving data. It’s used for viewing the blog. (not used for sending user data) (NO SSL) - this is owned by Google.  (not used for sending user data) (NO SSL) - it’s owned by Facebook. I used a Facebook Chat QT Library. (used for sending and receiving chat messages) login for Messenger app uses https SSL and Secure OAuth provided by Facebook - it’s owned by Google. (not used for sending user data) I use this website for translating texts to any language in the Twittly App. login for Twittly app uses https SSL and Secure OAuth provided by Twitter - my own host and domain - (used for twitter oAuth (does not store any username or password and not possible that’s why there’s oauth for more security, just loads up the twitter login page required by twitter that it should use)) Twitter requires a separate website link for OAuth. This is why I used this. Most twitter apps uses the same method.

Permissions used

Camera - To use Camera Hardware
Capture Screen - used for saving edited Snaps Painting and Caption
Contacts - used for finding friends from contacts
Device Identifying Information - used for optimizing the UI to get Display Height and Width check what exact device
Internet - Use the internet
Location - To use location service to get location of the user (for Dater, FB Messenger for sending location in chats)
Microphone- required for recording videos
Post Notifications - to post noficiations in the hub
Push - for Push Notifications
Run as Active Frame- to run in active frame
Shared Files - to allow the camera to save temporary images i the shared directory

I apologize for the security risks. And I will do patches for them. But I also suggest BlackBerry not to advertise the risky SDKs so that we devs don't use them.

Also it's not just my apps that uses Flurry and Smaato. BlackBerry advertised it to thousands of devs and for sure there are more than a thousand of apps uses the 2 risky services right now.

I am 100% True and Honest that I don't sell or whatever the user data that's being collected. I am just using the services provided by BlackBerry and I just knew they're risky.





  1. I do not think most BlackBerry users nor the security firm that looked at your apps thinks that you are doing bad things. What was highlighted are possibilities that others could use. I appreciate all you do in developing for BlackBerry users and know that you will quickly respond to patch the issues revealed. You produce quality apps and I encourage you to keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for this Nemory. As a satisfied user of your apps I feel relief with your explanation and I trust that you take the security of our data seriously. I look forward to the release of the patches and hopefully BlackBerry will also do their job.

    A lot of criticism, some of it constructive but mostly destructive unfortunately, will come your way in the next few days for this - I urge you to just state the facts respectfully as you have done here and do not join the bandwagon of insults that it is likely to come.

    1. I appreciate it bro. Thank you much

  3. I don't think you are an evil person, and I will still use your apps. You are sure to get lots of feedback over this, but I guess that's part of the game, right?! Responding as you have is a great gesture, and shows that you are willing to work with us :)

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  4. Nemory and anyone else who wants to listen,
    I read the report, then read Nemory's reply and studied the facts. Nemory uses existing SDK's in his apps and it's not his fault if something isn't up to a security researchers standards. He could write everything from scratch I suppose but that's insane.

    I have worked with security researchers in the consulting field before and know how they are. They take a minor issue and speculate on how it can be really really bad and kill us all when really IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL. These researchers like to talk about how things "Could happen" and offer no proof and no solutions.
    They hope you will pay then thousands of dollars for them to tell you their opinion. If there was a real problem someone would have actually taken advantage of it and compromised the app. These people are just blowing smoke and trying to make a buck!

    Personally I highly value my privacy and unnecessary connections suck, but Nemory explained what each of them is and how there is no ill intent and i'm ok with that. Talked to the guy before on BBM and he's straight up. No BS

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  15. Hey Oliver!
    First things first.
    1. I think what you have accomplished is great for a one-man-band developer company.
    2. I agree that sometimes we have to rely on third party APIs when trying to get things done.
    3. I do recognize that app developing is a never ending spiral, that comprises many tasks and heavy workload in all app life-cycle stages.

    However, you may consider (and I recommend you to take actions about it)
    1. BY being one of the few still-standing developers for Blackberry, you will be observed by several reasons:
    1.a. you are by your own, accomplishing what other big buck companies has not.
    1.b. there are several stakeholders intentionally trying to harm Blackberry, and trying to influence others into that.
    1.c. you are monetizing some apps that are free for other platforms.
    1.d. there is not a clear process in Nemory to evaluate overall app quality, and also there is no visible process of bug-fix/support.
    2. Enlarge your company's footprint. At some point, specially by having published that many apps, you will need help and there is nothing wrong about it. It will only increase your company's reliability and eventually it will pay off.
    3. consider yourself to publish and maintain a proper NemoryStudios domain, with proper security and a proper communication strategy. There is nothing bad to be "garage-like" entrepreneurial /startup company; but also there is nothing wrong to have the basics of big corporations associated with your brand.

    Now, what I personally (strongly) request to you by being a customer of Nemory:
    1. Please make sure none of our customer data/metadata/behavior is being used for commercial purposes / profiling / advertising.
    1.a. if you are paying for an app, it is expected that the adds are removed. in-app-ads are annoying but understandable when using free versions. upgraded/plus/paid versions should never display apps. it is not a good practice to monetize from ads when customer has already paid for the app.
    1.b. please provide warranties to paid customers. If a paid customer receives the same support that a free user, then there is not much sense to pay for an app.
    2. Please enhance the app performance in terms of:
    2.a. Device Memory management. Please connect the proper dots to make the app stable, but also reliable. I have experienced app and device hangs because of Nemory Apps.
    2.b. Data usage. It is not only by the tech reports saying, but my user experience has confirmed that Nemory Apps request/sends more data that they "should" (benchmarked against other apps)
    2.c. Battery life management. Please, please review all of your code intensively, focusing on saving battery.
    3. Please contribute to Blackberry by honoring the same principles that has helped the customer base to rely on Blackberry. Please enforce the security of your apps, please avoid intellectual property rights infringement, please manage a better customer service, please improve!.

    An unsatisfied (yet sympathetic) customer.

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