Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snap10 - FAQs

——— Frequently Asked Questions ———

Can't find Snap10/Snap2Chat in BlackBerry World?

I am very sorry that you cannot download Snap10 anymore in BlackBerry World.
SnapChat told us to remove it and I cannot put it back anymore.
But I am still here and will not stop supporting my users. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Or if you prefer to install Snap10 BAR File please download the bar: 

Then follow this YouTube Video Tutorial on how to install BAR Files

Apply Filters? Fonts? Customizations? Replay? Notifications? Front Flash?

Customizations: Please tap the awesome Setting icon on the top right. Or swipe down from the top then tap Settings.
Filters and Fonts: Take a snap, then tap the Setting icon on top.

How to register?

My only solution for now is to borrow a friend’s iPhone or Android with SnapChat installed, or if they don’t have SnapChat installed, open their Google Play Store or App Store, search for SnapChat, download it, and register from there. After doing that you can login your information using Snap10. Please bear with us as we’re still working on an update.

Black Camera?

Please make sure you did accepted all permissions especially “Shared Files, Camera, Microphone”.
To re-enable permissions please go tohttp://goo.gl/xe0VNw and look for Snap10
If you’re on the Passport and having a black screen when recording a video, we’re still working on a fix.

App crashing / not opening?

We're very sorry for this issue, we’re still working on an update. But a workaround there is to reinstall the app or restart your phone.
To uninstall: tap and hold the Snap10 icon then tap the trash can icon. Or click this :http://goo.gl/VzPJGx then tap the menu on the bottom right and tap uninstall.

Doesn’t accept the password?

There are some issues for password that use special characters so what I can suggest is please change your password to a simpler one without special characters.
To change your password please click:https://support.snapchat.com/login2?next=%2Fpassword-change

How to start a Chat Conversation?

The current version doesn’t support chats. We’re doing our best to implement that feature.

Can't login? Wrong username or password?

If you're 100% sure your username and password is right, please try to reset your password to a simpler one https://support.snapchat.com/password-reset-request

Forgot your password?

Please click:https://support.snapchat.com/password-reset-request

Looking for Privacy Terms?

Please click:https://www.snapchat.com/privacy

Snaps sent are half black?

Please send only when the keyboard is not showing.

Thank you so much for using Snap10.

Download Twittly - Best Twitter Client: http://goo.gl/FrTVqA
Download Best Facebook Messenger : http://goo.gl/JS3w7c
Download Tinder Client - Dater - http://goo.gl/ieA9Kx

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Features of Twittly

Twittly's Features:

  • Super Beautiful User Interface,User Experience, User Friendly & Faster Network Response
  • Compose from the BlackBerry Hub
  • Set / Change In App Wallpaper
  • Full BlackBerry Passport Support (UI + Touch Sensitive Keyboard)
  • Super Advanced Compose Page with complete Emojis & Emoticons
  • Ability to attach Videos, Photos, Voice Notes and Location
  • Snap2Chat Photo Editor Integration
  • DropBox Integration
  • Ability to Merge Timlines from Multiple Accounts
  • Supports Full Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Online Wallpaper Store
  • Supports Unlimited Multiple Accounts
  • Super Advanced Translation Tool, Translate from any language to any language
  • Backup and Restore Settings
  • Ability to View Multiple Media in a Tweet
  • Ability to post from all accounts at the same time including BBM & Facebook Status Update
  • Ability to Switch to Dark Theme
  • Can View/Play 3rd Party Media Site Contents from Youtube, Vine, Instagram, SoundCloud and more without leaving the app
  • Ability to Compose SMS, Facebook Status, LinkedIn Status, BBM Message, and Email without leaving the app
  • Ability to Customize the Active Frame and show only latest Messages, Mentions or Timeline
  • Customize the Overall Color Scheme with our Beautiful Color Presets
  • Search with Super Advanced Filters: Only Users, Photos, Top, Recent, All or from Saved Search
  • Ability to Filter Timelines with only Replies, Photos, Retweets
  • In App Password Security
  • Advanced Retweet Options
  • Quick Pinch Gesture for Quicker Actions
  • Quick Tweet Button
  • Ability to Save Tweets for Offline Use
  • Customize Font Size, Weight and Alignment
  • Customize the Keyboard's Enter Key to Submit or as a New Line
  • Drafts
  • Ability to Live Stream Tweets with a Keyword/Location/Home Timline
  • Ability to show a Tweet’s Location and Open the Location in an advanced 3D Perspective Map with a Compass and able to navigate
  • Option to Stay where you left off / Hold Place in Timeline
  • Ability to Share a Tweet to any type of Accounts(text only, with link .. etc)
  • Ability to Copy a Tweet with customizations very quick and easy(text only, with link .. etc)
  • Tells you the Count of Retweets, Favorites, Followers, Following etc...
  • Share a Photo / Text / Link from the Gallery or anywhere in the OS to Twittly
  • Ability to show quick buttons for quicker actions
  • View Photos of a User Profile / Timeline
  • Super Advanced Preview of URL Embedded Content
  • Includes a Smooth and Fast Built-in Browser
  • Quick Jump to Top & Bottom Buttons
  • Less Clicks and Actions to go or do something
  • Has all the Official Twitter Functions
  • Open Links, Hashtags, Mentions from anywhere in the OS to Twittly
  • Ability to Clear Cache for a new and Refreshing Experience
  • Set how many items it should load per network request for a more personalized experience

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Twittly Beta Testers

So much much thank you to all who has taken part of the Beta for Twittly. Without you guys the app hasn't shaped like this so quick. The app is now incredibly feature packed. Thank you to all Beta Testers.
  • The Twittly Beta Tester Hardcores
    • Mossa / Massi (MondoBlackBerry)
    • Richard Staples
    • JSanders
    • DJ Reyes
    • Shlomi
    • Mortem
    • Badi
    • isKhazy
    • John Z
    • Elias
    • ChriZ KingDaddy
    • The (2) Andy's
    • Rohil
    • Xavier
    • Raju
    • Ronnel
    • Ali Makhlooq
    • Lil E
    • KPO
    • TheAsianEddie
    • John Clark
    • iam1Piece
    • Romain
    • Amir
    • BBSavior
    • Ben Smith
    • Bilal H
    • Indi
    • James Baker
    • Jess / JCangoku
    • Ju
    • Mike Vocalz
    • MARKKK
    • Omar Reyes
    • Stephen Aitchison
    • Steven
    • Wael
    • Willy Sandi
    • Zim
    • Christina
    • NerdyDaddyO
  • To all the Beta Zone Testers
  • The whole CrackBerry Forum Community in the Twittly Topic.

Thank you once again all! :)

Twittly Tutorial

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Twittly - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I logout?
    • Swipe Down from the very top / Expand the Action Drawer > Tap Accounts > Tap and hold the account and press remove.
  • What is the Action Drawer?
    • Swipe Down from the very top > Tap Settings > Tap Wallpaper Store
  • How do I hide the Action Drawer?
    • Swipe Down from the very top > Tap Settings > Toggle the Bars Visibility or Scroll Down to Quick Pinch Gesture Actions and choose Hide Bars
  • How do I adjust the Font Size?
    • Swipe Down from the very top > Tap Settings > Scroll down to Font Size Dropdown
  • How do I change the Color Scheme?
    • Swipe Down from the very top > Tap Settings > Scroll down to Color Scheme Dropdown
  • How do I set the Wallpaper?
    • Swipe Down from the very top > Tap Settings > Tap Wallpaper Store
  • Where can I see the tutorial?
    • Swipe Down from the very top > Tap About > Scroll down and tap Open Tutorials
  • Who to contact for support?
    • Please don't hesitate to send any kind of concerns to twittlybb10@gmail.com

Monday, September 1, 2014

Twittly - An Amazing Twitter Client for BlackBerry 10

Get the awesome Twittly Beta FREE for you! :)

Download Beta Zone http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/35142896/

After installing Beta Zone. Open it and you will see Twittly. Download, Install and Enjoy! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Instructions to Reinstall Snap2Chat

I’m very sorry Snap2Chat Pro is not in BlackBerry World anymore. Also not in Beta Zone anymore. SnapChat took it down. But I am trying my best to put it back ASAP. But for now please follow the instruction to install.

Download the BAR File (Using a Computer)https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12267912/snap2chat/BARS/Snap2ChatProUI-3_1_1_1.bar

Then follow this YouTube Video how to Install the BAR File to your phone.

Once again I thank you everbody for all you did. Such an amazing community! I'll be bringing in more apps to BB10.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Privacy Policy

Nemory – Privacy Policy
In this privacy policy we describe what kind of data we may collect of you in connection with your use of our games, apps, and websites and related services and how we may use such data. Below we call these collectively “Services”. By using our Services, you agree to the processing of your data in accordance with this privacy policy.
We may amend this privacy policy from time to time by posting a new version online so please review it frequently. Your continued use of our Services after the posting of a new version is deemed as your acceptance of the modified terms.
What data do we collect and why?
Personal data. We may collect personal data that identifies you if you submit it to us (for example if you sign up for our forums, website). We may use this data to provide Services to you, improve our Services and contact you.
If you choose to log in to our Services by using social networking site credentials (such as Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect), the site may send us personal data that you have allowed it to share with us.
We do not collect personal data from children under 13. If you believe we have inadvertently collected such data, do contact us so we can obtain parental consent or remove such data.
Analytics data.We use analytical services and other tools (such as Flurry and Google Analytics) on areas of our Services which enable us to collect your IP address or other identifier, usage data relating to our Services as well as information on your device properties. Based on this data we may create statistics, provide better services to our customers as well as analyze and further develop our Services. We treat this information as non-personal data.
You can opt out of the Flurry Analytics tracking and personalized ads/recommendations from Flurry by clicking here and you can disable Google Analytics with this add-on tool.
Cookies and other identifiers.Certain parts of our Services may use cookies and other identifiers (such as clear gifs or pixel tags). With cookies and other identifiers we can provide a better user experience. You may delete the cookies from your device after using our Services. If you disable cookies on your browser, some parts of our Services may not function properly.
Data security and sharing
Data security. All of your data is protected in accordance with generally acceptable industry standards and although no system is 100 % secure, we take reasonable steps to safeguard your data from unauthorized access. We may use partners and contractors to process data for us in accordance with this privacy policy and in such cases we take steps to ensure that your data is kept secure.
Data sharing.We do not share your personal data to third parties without your consent unless we are compelled to do so by law or when we face exceptional situations, such as detection or prevention of misuse or criminal activities.
We may publish aggregated or de-personalised data based on our users’ information (such as statistics) provided that such information does not identify you.
We may process your data outside the country where you live in (for example if you are an EU citizen, outside the EU or the European Economic Area). This can happen if, for instance, the service provider of our analytical services is located outside your country. In such cases, we will take steps to ensure that your personal data is processed lawfully and in accordance with this privacy policy.
External links
Our Services may contain links to external sites, such as Facebook and Youtube and link content from external third party sources. Please note that the use of such third party sites or content is subject to the privacy policies and usage terms of the third party in question instead of our own terms and we do not have control or assume any liability over such content.
Contact us!
Should you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or the processing of your personal data, please contact us at nemoryoliver@gmail.com.